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Have a look at the image above. This is the result of a fairly recent study carried out under 1,100 teens. Apart from the fact that Google scores incredibly high with 2 (!) of their brands, what are some other aspects that connects the highest ranked companies?

If we take a closer look, we see a lot of tech-related companies: YouTube, Netflix, Google, Playstation, Apple, Instagram and GoPro (to name a few). What do they share?

  1. A great user experience
    All of these guys have created experiences that really put the user first, by understanding their context, behavior and key functionalities. They understand their audiences, how people use their services and use (data) analytics to measure results to improve success.
  2. They disrupted an existing business model
    Maybe more interestingly, they all disrupted an existing business model. Google did it for search, Netflix for watching movies (at the cinema or at home), YouTube for sharing video content, Instagram for sharing photos, GoPro made it possible to finally carry a camera WITHOUT using your hands, and Apple disrupted a bunch of industries by creating the iPhone: the swiss-knife-tech-tool that the world had been waiting for.

As the study shows, not only do these brands generate the most awareness, they’re also rewarded for it in terms of advocacy, loyalty and overall brand perception. Moreover, they rewarded by one of the least ‘predictable’ segments: the youngsters.

Daring to disrupt and designing truly user-centered experiences, yield the coolness-factor.