We put clocks in our mobile phones, so we didn’t need to look at watches. Now put we put mobile phones in our watches, so we don’t need to look at mobile phones.
– reddit.com user

We’re funny creatures. Loved this quote I found on Reddit. What does this tell us? That our needs are shifting? That we change behaviour? Yes, possibly… apparently we find ways to fulfill our needs with different means.

However, there is a fundamental thing you shouldn’t forget: although we constantly find new and innovative ways to make our lives easier, the underlying needs don’t change. We need to talk to someone; we need to know what time it is. How or what we use to resolve this, is irrelevant as long as we satisfy our need.

By framing it this way, although you know that whatever you’re designing will be out of date at some point, you can cater to that and find smarter and better ways to do it in the future – you’re keeping your eye on the problem, not the solution.

We’re funny creatures, but we’re all made out of the same flesh and blood and display the same underlying, fundamental needs.