Almost all organisations I work for and visit, view the millennials as one of the most challenging, interesting customer segments to address. Especially within the Financial service industry, the ‘holy grail’ seems to be attracting (and retaining) this group of people, born between 1984 and 2000.

However, let’s not forget the ever growing, booming elderly generation that’s among us. They often seems to be ‘forgotten’ when we launch a new product (mostly because of their digital immaturity). However, do realize that we will have a exploding population of wealthy people that would like to spend money.

Why not print a Facebook post?

They might need some education in getting more digital savvy, but then again: it’s our job to make not feel stupid. People often blame themselves when they can’t figure out how to program a thermostat or switch to the Netflix input-channel (“Oh I’m so bad with technology, here, you do it!”). They seem to go by the fact that the problems are actually caused by the design of the product – and not them. (Side note: that’s why Nest is such an awesome device: it disrupted one of the rustiest industries out there – the thermostat.)

Nevertheless, there are always those that need a bit more attention than the rest of the class…