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How the Hero’s journey inspires experience designers

Have you heard of the hero’s journey? If not, view this awesome video about it. The…

Moments that matter: Nordstrom’s ‘sale fail’

Nordstrom announced a spectacular anniversary sale some time ago, giving you the opportunity to buy heavily…

There is no such thing as Free Pizza.

Luring people to your store with misleading texts. That’s how 99% of marketing is done, unfortunately….

The importance of being consistent and true to your message in gaining trust

This National Geographic issue addressing global plastic pollution, comes to your home in a plastic bag….

Ruining a foodies Instagram post: the fastest way to mayhem

Ruining food selfies. I didn’t know it was a thing, but the internet once again surprised…

Finding the purple cow: the wildcard to success

Seth Godin is one of my all time heros. The way he explains marketing, the success…

Google’s micro-moments and how to make use of them

Micro-moments. A term first coined by Google, which expresses 4 ‘game changing moments that really matter’….

Customer journey: make it stick

Customer journey mapping is well-known tool to identify and visualize the experience a given customer/user has…