We live in interesting times. We’re on the crossroads of having experienced a product economy that is now transitioning to a service or experience economy. Technology and internet specifically, enable us to be constantly connected, whenever, wherever. This works as a great catalyst for generating better digital services, whether it’s found in online banking, booking a restaurant or purchasing a health insurance.

What we see happening because of this shift towards an experience economy, are two things:

  • Productized services: (online) services are becoming increasingly ‘packaged’ or productized. Apps are an excellent example of this. They look, feel and behave like a product (their icons are even shaped in little box-sized squares!). Dropbox is storage for your digital life, much like you store your physical belongings in a rented garage box. In software development, we talk about ‘product design’, ‘shipping’ and ‘packaged’.
  • Servitized products: since we’ve became more digital and our world interconnected, we increasingly find our ourselves in a world where physical products become surrounded by a service. Peerby let’s you lend and borrow equipment, car-sharing is globally gaining grounds and you can rent out your unused garage box as storage space for a friend. Products are invaded by services.

This blending of two worlds is not the 8th world wonder: of course we find bridges between what we feel, smell touch and hear, and our digital life. However, it’s good to realize that this is happening, so you decide for yourself which direction you’re headed for: is there more room to maneuver your product into the service space? Vice versa? How would these channels work together to create a better holistic experience?

Dropbox is your friend’s garage box for your digital belongings