A new and fun bank that helps you save

By giving you control over your finances.

Creating a new way to manage finances
The challenge

How can we help and stimulate Colombian people to manage their finances and start saving? That was the main challenge for our client, who wanted to create a new bank that targets Colombian millennials and Gen Z, so they can learn what a healthy financial future is all about.
Customer segmentation
What needs are we solving?
First, we defined the target audience for this new FinTech proposition: eager, young people who want to learn more about finance and save more. Finances can be daunting, and they require a little push to start exploring their financial future.
A human, emotional experience
We introduced a female financial hero, who guides the user how to save in a smart way, keep control over budgeting, and give personalized recommendations based on financial data. This lowers the barrier to start saving.
Complete control over finance
Save and invest in an easy way
Check your balance, income and expenses in a clear dashboard. Create a wallet of personal goals which you fund in a way that suits you best. On top of that, get smart recommendations on how to improve your situation and savings goals.
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