Integrated Loyalty Platform

Customer centric loyalty and redeeming experience

The challenge
What is a personalized loyalty experience?
A large loyalty integrator was seeking for a more personal, intuitive experience for their customers to redeem points. Especially their traveling section required an update, in order to compete with the ‘usual suspects’ of flight search engines. Saving points and redeeming them should be a no-brainer process!
Top tasks per device
How are people using their devices?
We helped the client by deciding which are top tasks for mobile use and ‘static‘ use. The large screen web version should be optimized for longer, more immersive, and more focused sessions. Mobile should be viewed as travel companion, enabling ‘on the go’ functionalities (such as redeeming in store).
An intuitive, layered experience
The desktop platform offers a selection of top tasks, allowing users to directly start their travel exploration journey. At the same time, all other options are still selectable as well.
New flight selector
Clutter free browsing and selecting
As part of the flight selector-section, we designed a clutter free search page, that shows recommended options based on your total points and travel history. Also, you’re able to set how many points you want to spend, through a graph selector.
Your mobile companion

Lastly, we drafted the functional wireframes for the mobile companion, which displays contextual, personalized geo-notifications and enables people to redeem their points in-store. As such, it’s a true companion to the full desktop version.

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