Developing FinTech propositions

Using design to create new financial solutions

The challenge
New FinTech value propositions
PROSA approached us to help create new FinTech value propositions in three main areas: the acquiring domain, the issuing domain and for a brand new marketplace. PROSA is the biggest financial processor in Mexico, and handles 35% of all of its transactions.
Design thinking workshops
2 weeks, 3 bootcamps
To start exploring new FinTech propositions for PROSA, we organized 3 bootcamps in 2 weeks. During those bootcamps we used design thinking methodologies to uncover opportunities per solution area, for which we conducted many, many brainstorms.
Resulting in 5 new FinTech propositions
After the bootcamps, we turned the best ideas into end-to-end FinTech value propositions. This helps growing internal support and communication. From these value propositions, we defined technological and business requirements for execution.
Working with startups
Scouting for the best talent to execute
After setting technological and business requirements, Glints/PROSA launched a scouting process, to find the best possible FinTech talent out there to help realize the proposition – globally.
Rewarded 9/10

The participants (72) awarded the project with a 9/10. They learned about the importance of innovation and design, in a fun and effective way. The solutions are being realized now, and expected to be launched Q1 2020.

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