Customer Journey Mapping

An essential service design tool

Why use customer journey mapping?
Visualizing future experience
Customer journey mapping is a very popular tool for ‘blueprinting’ a customer experience, either for the ‘as-is’ state, or for a desired, ‘to-be’ state. It acts as framework to determine product opportunities.
A holistic view on product experience
Combining different users and goals
We use customer journey mapping in almost every project, as it provides a holistic overview of all user groups and their desired goals, needs and pain points. By using effective visual design, stakeholders can align on strategic ambitions.
Uncovering opportunities
Finding the next big thing
Once strategic ambitions and the focal points for a new experience are set, we generate ideas and concepts how the journey can be improved (leading to a ‘to-be’ journey).
What's your future customer journey?
An unmissable design tool
Journey mapping is an unmissable and often used tool in Studio Frankly. We are experts in creating your customer journey, and in uncovering unmet demands and opportunities. Get in touch to find out how.
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