A redesign for creditcard applications

Moving from product, to experience

The challenge
Improvement of creditcard application process
Applying for a creditcard can be hard. The different card types, packages and rates confuse people and sometimes make it difficult to select the right option. With that in mind, we redesigned part of the application process, for a Mexican banking client.
Feed the funnel, but help people on the way
Focus on experience and purchase
In a product/commercially driven environment, the purchase journey is of key importance. Getting customers through the funnel is priority one. Yet, the complexity of choosing a new creditcard requires a strong experiential focus as well, helping people through the process.
A new creditcard in three easy steps
Using conversational UI
We redesigned the online creditcard selection by integrating a conversational interface. By answering three simple questions, users get the best recommendation for their creditcard product. Instead of being purely product focused, the emphasis is now on much more on the user’s needs.
From selection to loyalty

After selecting your most suitable card, a personal profile is created that shows your loyalty level, collected points and personalized rewards. Gamification is used to trigger people to spend (and save) more, resulting in more client engagement.

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