Rethinking the cinema app

How can we improve the cinema booking experience?

The challenge
Frustrated by the status quo
Most cinema booking apps we know are slow, non immersive and take too many actions to complete your purchase. While going to the movies is some much and entertaining, getting there is a different story. What could an improved cinema booking experience look like?
Focus on the experience
Making it easy and immersive
Booking a movie should transmit the ‘cinema experience’ from the start. We started by¬†focusing on large thumbnails and easy to filter functionalities (such as time and favorite cinema), giving the user the tools he or she needs to make the right decision.
Want to skip the queue?
Waiting in line to get popcorn and soda might be the most frustrating thing in the cinema journey. Why not pre-order what you want and pick it up in the fast lane?
It remembers your preference
Choosing your seat
When you book a flight, the airline knows if you prefer aisle or seat, why not use this design principle for the cinema? Next to that, you define the amount of persons that join you simply by choosing additional seats. No need do that upfront.
An easy check-out is half the work
Paying for a movie might not be the most fun part, so let’s make it easy. Save a credit card is the minimum, but let’s make it possible to let people pay the way they want: with fingerprint, PayPal or a selfie.
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