Cyber security in automotive

Functional dashboard design and prototyping

The challenge
What is the future of cyber security in automotive?
A large US/Japanese client approached us with the ask to prototype a functional dashboard to monitor fleet cyber security, data consumption and the overall status of all vehicles. We used design thinking, UX/UI and visual design to help them realize this.
Sketching the essentials
Every dashboard design requires ideation
For every digital transformation project we do, we start with a strong set of use cases and desired functionalities. Together with our client, we defined 8 key customer journeys that should be prototyped.
Wire-framing the experience
Defining the skeleton of our dashboard
After completing the sketch phase, we wire-framed all screens so that we shaped an accurate idea of content, content priority, and the flow of the overall user experience.
Stunning visual design
A brand new look and feel
We redesigned the brand’s look and feel to match our client’s product vision. New icons, a new color palette and an overall clear, fresh look makes the dashboard easy to use and appealing. This really brings the solution to life and full of emotion.
Prototyped for day.. and night.
We prototyped the dashboard to be functional, mimicking the final solution as much as possible. This offers a great, effective and economic way to test and validate a new digital solution.
Innovation Award CES 2019

Our client won an innovation award at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, demonstrating its innovate cyber security features and seamless user experience.

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