The newest Playboy edition has an interesting cover:

Playboy Cover July 2019

It reads: ‘The 50 most sexy girls of Instagram’. Yes indeed, Playboy uses the Instagram channel as a source for their paper July edition. This is ironic, funny and interesting at the same time.

As the world is steadily moving to digital, Playboy realizes that an important source of new ‘hot chicks’ is the digital world. Instagram is considered one of the leading platforms for (amateur) girls to present themselves (seeking to be models, influencers, and what have you). As such, Playboy turns to this digital channel for selection and curation of these girls, ending up in a selection of 50. Likewise, the girls turned to this channel before that, hoping to draw attention from big brands.

Playboy: from source to curator

And so for this issue, one could say that Playboy is curating rather than scouting or sourcing the girls. In the old days, girls would send in their pics and profile to Playboy directly, hoping to land on the centerfold. Now, the pull comes from them, as the ladies are being found on their own Instagram, and Playboy is the one who needs to ‘share their profile and intentions’, with them.

And really, does Playboy have a choice? Probably not. Most erotic content is found on internet nowadays, and paper magazines are facing difficult times. That is no different for Playboy: if you’re disrupted by a certain channel or innovation, it’s time to take action. And that is exactly what makes it ironic: a paper magazine keeps itself alive by relying and (ab)using digitally produced content.

PS. I wonder how much better this post scores compared to other posts with less ‘clickbaity’ titles 😉 if you actually want to see the 50 hottest chicks you better buy this new edition yourself!