“Millennials are killing everything. Look at all these newspaper headlines. We can’t do anything right! Mankind has taken thousands of years to build up this beautiful world and we come along and disrupt and destroy it all! I am so, so sorry for everyone that is not from our generation (born between 1984 and 2000). I wish I could stop it.. but it’s too late. We killed it all.”

Simon Sinek has an excellent piece on millennials and why they behave like they do, please do view it – it’s worth your time:

We spend too much money, have a very short term focus, are not loyal to brands, job hop more than we would admit, can’t focus on anything, we’re all slaves to our smartphones, and we marry later and later… And finally: we don’t take shit from nobody.

Where does that leave us? That leaves us stubborn, selfish, convinced of ourselves, trying to prove what are worth, exploring, traveling, daring and independent.

All the right ingredients for creating our own businesses, to try and prove the world we know better.