Creating a brand from scratch is quite an overwhelming thought. You have to think about your product, audience, logistics, budget and so much more. But one of the questions that will probably keep popping in your head is: how do I communicate my brand to the world? Branding is the answer.


What is branding?

First of all we need to establish a couple of key concepts: brand and product. A brand is an idea, a name, a concept or basically anything that people refer to when thinking about a product. This product can be physical goods, services, properties or even experiences. In a customer-centered approach, branding is all the communication that ties together the customer with your product. It’s a never-ending process that helps people identify your brand, experience it and hopefully keep them coming back for more.

Branding permeates all channels of communication, it’s not just visual. A positive experience with a brand will lead to positive emotions towards it. So be ready to start building your brand’s identity as it is a journey that you will share with your audience.


4 tips for creating your brand identity

TIP #1 : Know your audience

Diverse people with diverse needs

Do. Your. Research. We can’t stress this enough. Before any designs or product testing think about your customer.  Ask yourself: What’s a day in the life of [enter customer’s name]? Put yourself in their shoes. It is extremely important to have that perspective. You have to learn how to speak to them, that way they will relate themselves to your brand. Investing in customer loyalty goes a long way, it gives you a clear path to follow and gives your audience a sense of community.


TIP #2 : Exploit your creativity

Moodboard proposal for Colombian bank

The logo of your brand is the visual reference that people will have about your product. Firstly, establish the core values of your brand and translate them into a concept. Try all kinds of palettes and shapes that visually communicate your concept. Make a moodboard. Create an aesthetic that feels true to the brand. This will function as a guideline for all your communication.

(If you are having a hard time deciding on a style or an overall design don’t be afraid to ask. Doing some casual testing on potential customers is a fast an easy way to test your logos).


TIP #3 : Never stop listening

Meet Cleo. A.I. assistant for your banking needs.

Customer service is often overlooked. But having a bad experience with a brand -whether the product is good or not- can change negatively the perspective of a client. We all know that mistakes are bound to happen but it’s better to listen, apologize and offer a solution. Make sure your customers are taken care of, if there is an issue you are aware of (a system error or a product malfunction for example) it is better to address it first hand. This transparency will always be appreciated by the customer.


TIP #4 : Stay in character

Your brand is like a person. It has an identity, a personality, a tone of voice. Make sure to create a cohesive experience for your users. Doesn’t matter the touchpoint, familiarity is always appreciated. This will shape the perspective people have towards your brand and will strengthen the core values that you believe in.


Think as branding as a conversation with your audience. Build that into a meaningful conversation and stay away from the small talk.


-We followed this tips on one of our latest projects for a Colombian banking app. You can check it out here!-