Converge tech industry

Two weeks ago we had the chance to go to Converge: Globant´s tech conference held in Mexico City. This event included eight speakers that gave insights on how technology has morphed their work experience in different companies located in Latin America. This evening was an exploration of the culture of innovation, high frequency business, humanizing technology, machine learning, global design, digital transformation and more.

Around the world, the services of massive consumption have had an accelerated growth. Latin America is a broad market that crave this growth but it is usually faced by a cultural shock that slows down the process. Any business that wants to thrive in the digital transformation era needs to change straight from its core. They must be willing to throw out the window their way of thinking in order to reach that full “digitalization”.


Technology as a boost

Transformation is happening right here, right now, all over the world. Technology keeps evolving and expanding so we need to keep up! This is a recurring problem in companies that manage massive amounts of data but without any real use. World-wide businesses like Walmart are using their machine learning technology as an upselling point for their customers. They know that data nurtures their logistics and customer experience so it is key to their ongoing growth.

And even though we are talking about proficiency we can’t possibly think it’s all about the numbers. Analysing that data and applying that human factor is how a brand will successfully communicate to a global audience. Being mindful of the basics of accessibility is the magic formula to a living and expanding design system, it’s all full circle. And the greatest part is that this brand enforcement cares not only about the customers but the employees of the organization as well! It all branches out making it a truly all-around experience.


What we learned

Design should be human centered, always. This was Globant´s main message, the principle that innovation goes beyond technology and profit. It all creates a powerful ecosystem that privileges individuality and a sense of community over anything else.

So, if we understand the value of technology and its priority as a tool within any organization it’s time to set our eyes towards more human organizations.