Sometimes I don’t understand people, or companies. When you try to establish a relationship with a client, you want to treat them as well and honest as possible. This yields loyalty, advocacy and trust.

That’s why I’m so surprised when I see a company in 2019, that still thinks about itself first, and then about its customers. Check out this screenshot I took when registering myself for a running race:

So for those that speak no Spanish, the red marked area basically reads:

“I accept and want to be part of this company, and I understand it will charge me a MXN $89.00 monthly recurring fee.”

Mind you this box was checked by default. That means you have to opt-out to NOT get the recurring monthly fee. Talking about sneaky ways to make money… I wonder who many people actually forgot to uncheck this, as so many forms nowadays, have checkmarks that people generally ‘skip’ or pay little attention to.

Treat your customers with respect

Just imagine: you check your bank account, and find out a total of MXN 89.00 has been deducted every month, for the last 5 months. You probably don’t even recognize the company name (which is AS Deporte by the way)! Would you every enjoy participating in a race, knowing you have buy your ticket through these guys? I think not.

Treat your customers with respect, and don’t try to find sneaky ways to earn money off their backs.