Whenever I use the Microsoft Outlook on my Mac and I see its loading screen, I get so agitated and fill myself up with irrational anger.

The logo is as follows:

It portrays – or so I believe – a traditional envelope in the background, with sort of an opening door or book cover in front of that that hinges on the envelope (with a large O on it, probably referring to Outlook). So far so good…

Hmmm yes. But there is just something about it that annoys me so much, every time I this logo popping up: the envelope horror. Yes. the Envelope horror. Whoever designed this, forcibly made sure we recognize this as an envelope by the downward pointing edge in the middle. This upside-down ´V´ make our brain understand we´re looking at at stylized envelope. However, if this was a real envelope – which ALWAYS have this edge its middle – then the envelope is way to short!

See how this freaking thing is way too small? It doesn’t line up with the edge of the left rectangular surface at all! They decided to cheat us and foul us in the worst way possible. The horror, the drama.

All jokes aside: if you design a logo that millions and millions of people see each day, make sure it´s top notch and displays a valid, solid conceptual idea, and definitely not cut corners like has been done here.