In Part 1 we talked about how the “nomad digital lifestyle” has affected our lives as creative professionals. This leads to how companies are adapting to our needs. We are no longer willing to accept the old-fashioned work model. So change is bound to happen.


How does it affect us as professionals?

As we explained in our previous post, creatives are the accelerators of this transformation but companies will create the end result. So what should we expect?

Through InVision’s report we can digest some tactics that are changing the game. Businesses will adapt to these as they prove to be more efficient and accurate.

We have come to realize that a curated portfolio doesn’t showcase all the qualities that a recruiter may be looking for. On the other hand, job descriptions can be very persuasive but not necessarily true. That’s why companies have started to be more specific in what they expect from their candidates. By adding the right information both parts avoid a mismatch.

Nonetheless, the traditional recruiting process has been bested by a new tactic: outreaching. Posting your work on social media helps recruiters find you. By doing so, they’ll be more likely to contact you with a tangible offer other than going through the same old application submission. Real products speak louder than a curated portfolio. A shot on Dribbble can lead you to your dream job, faster than ever before!

For the lucky ones this might be the process. A recruiter finds you, falls in love with your work and boom! you have an offer and potentially a new job. But it’s not always like that for everyone. Many companies have suffered the consequences of the traditional recruiting process. Amazing new employees with remarkable experience are integrated to the team and…they just don’t work well together. This can be very problematic.

So now comes the tricky part. Companies are testing their potential recruits so they can get a taste of how this person integrates with their current team. This tactic may come across as disrespectful for the candidate’s work but looking through the business’ experience is completely understandable. Be mindful that this is for the benefit of all parties involved. Be ready and be open.


Useful insights

A little recap of InVision’s report:

Never stop posting. As portfolios are being replaced by ‘real’ work make sure to update your social media accounts with your latest project. “Outreach is the new recruiting” so increasing your visibility boosts your chance of getting hired by someone who admires your work.

Seek for culture. Being part of a community helps teamwork skills and broadens your creative mind. Look for companies that invest in non-product specific projects that will keep you excited in the long run.

Own up your mistakes. If you are required to test your skills be sure to showcase your strengths but also be mindful of your weaknesses as being aware of what you can improve on your professional career speaks volumes.

Don’t settle for less. Demanding companies for a better work-life balance is crucial for your performance and well-being. You can’t create if that harmony is broken so take good care of yourself.