In one of our recent projects, we have first used the InVision Design System Manager (DSM). As it turned out, this was a great experience.

For those who don’t know, a Design System (or Design Language System) is a set of principles, guidelines and patterns that internal and external teams use to maintain coherency and consistency in digital experiences. AirBnB’s Hayley Hughes gave an excellent presentation at this year’s Awwwards conference, on how AirBnB uses design systems in optimizing their experience:

So Design Systems are important, and here to stay – they allow designers, developers, marketeers and other people to speak the same language and quicker align on business and experience goals, thus saving time and frustrations.

InVision Design System Manager

That’s probably why InVision decided to create an online design system manager. This versatile tools offers a neat way to organize your design assets in a central way, allowing everyone with a link to view and download them. It integrates with development essentials such as Sketch and GitHub, allowing you to directly import or export whatever it is you’re dumping in your Design System.

Saving you tons of hours

With the advancements of technology and design systems, innovative tools such as InVision’s DSM, will save designers and developers tons of hours. No more guess work or copy-cats of design elements: the ability to find all necessary components in one place – including all visual and tech properties – will make ‘Design at scale’ less of a hassle, and frankly, more fun.