Customer journey mapping is well-known tool to identify and visualize the experience a given customer/user has with your brand. As businesses want increase their presence and relevance in customer’s lives, they look for ways to extend the journey to stay top-of-mind and create the ‘stickiness factor’: how can we get engaged customers that keep returning to our store/offering/website?

One great example of this is demonstrated when you decide to donate blood in Sweden. After you have donated your red fluid leave the building, you get a text message, thanking you for your generosity that day. That’s cool, right?

Well.. it’s gets cooler. Months later, when you walk down the street and minding your own business, you might get a second text message, saying something like:

Today, somebody’s life was saved by using your blood.”

Not only is this a super nice gesture, it is also very smart from a ‘business’ point of view:

  • They have extended the journey by creating a big ‘boom’, weeks or months after you donated
  • They make you feel appreciated and tap into your sense of accomplishment and generosity

In marketing terms, this creates a stickiness factor: not only do you feel better about your donating, it will surely stimulate you to return to the hospital and donate more blood! After all, we can miss more than a liter 😉

Extend your journey by creating additional, future touchpoints, to become more relevant in the total customer lifecycle of your service.