“Beauty instagrammers in the US are active on the platform every day of the month, taking part in 33 sessions a day on average” – Facebook data, 2018

Beauty is booming. It’s not just a hobby, but a lifestyle. 33 sessions per day equals 12,045 sessions per year that just have to do with beauty. The Huda Kattan, Nikki de Jager, Kaitlin Jenners, James Charles, The Blond Salad (or better known as Chiara Ferragni), Kim Kardashian and many others propel a billion dollar industry that is growing rapidly.

For marketeers, product designers and brand builders, this means that being relevant is more important than ever. With a general average attention span of 8 seconds (which is rapidly declining, by the way!) and an online attention span that’s even shorter, you not only have to be relevant, but more importantly: stay relevant. That’s why online influencers have to post daily in order to keep the attention span of their followers. A week without posting is devastating for online visibility and maintaining your audience traction.

Considering the 33 sessions per day, you have to ask yourself how these moments fit in the daily online journey of people. In which context are they opening and checking instagram? What are the best moments to upload new material?

Google micro-moments

Google has defined ‘micro moments’ as key moments during the day that people want to do, buy, know or go:

Google’s micro moments. Source: Google.

As an organization, influencer, marketeer or anyone else who values its online presence, understanding these micro moments and anticipating on them is key in delivering a compelling and relevant online journey (also read this article on how to apply micro moments to your journey).

Of course, most instagrammers don’t have apply this (or any other) framework to a great extent and are generally more preoccupied with posting a new (daily) image that shows off their new bag, fragrance or ready-to-wear. Yet – given the fact that companies partner with influencers more and more – it could be worthwhile to consider social media posting as a strategic activity that caters to people’s needs when they want to go, do, know or buy.

33 sessions – make them worthwhile

Given the rise, size and importance of the beauty industry for many people around the globe, maintaining a clear strategy for social media (influencer) posting and considering the context of when, how and why people engage with your brand, should be a priority. Google’s micro moments could be a good start to consider the intention of digital engagement with your audience.