Aeroméxico won the Golden Lion in Cannes this year (2019) with their activation campaign ‘people are places’.

They have won this most prestigious design award in collaboration with Media Monks and Google Mexico, who respectively served as their creative and integration/implementation partner.

Apart from the campaign itself, Aeroméxico also worked on a whole new UX flow for booking airplane tickets.

New Aeromexico booking flow

One of the main goals for this new flow, was to make booking and upgrading your seat, more easy, fun and simple. Studio Frankly helped with the UX flow for this new booking flow, partnering up with Media Monks to create a new end to end booking journey. We were in the lead of the functional part of the design.

One aspect that is worth highlighting here, is the new way that upgrades are presented. ‘Nudging‘ is an often heard psychological term that refers to a ‘small, unobtrusive way’ to present a choice or action. We applied (a light version of) nudging in the new flow by showing tariff families in a contextual and relevant way:

New Aeromexico booking flow

By (1) first choosing the standard tariff family (Basic, Regular or Premium) – which you can explore in a visual attractive way by seeing actual photos of the cabin (2) – you are then presented with the possible upgrades, directly within a card based design system (3), showing you at all times which one or two upgrades are available for you, for the selected flight.

This helps customers in getting a clearer overview of their flight selection and options, something that lacking in the original design (which looked much like their current web experience):

Original Aeromexico booking flow design

As you can see, all families are listed as columns next to the flight, giving the user an abundance of choice. This makes the barrier to choose and select a tariff more ‘overwhelming’ than needed. This decreases overall conversion and is not contextual based on a default starting point (e.g. Basic, Comfort, etc.).

One of many changes

This card based booking design system is not the only change that was executed.

Aeromexico booking flow details (click to enlarge)

(See image above – click to enlarge) Other changes include:

  • Easy 3 day comparison view (see prices for Day -1 and +1)
  • A sticky bottom menu bar with your current ‘basket’, giving the user realtime feedback about his/her total purchase thus far
  • Hovering Settings button (blue round icon in bottom right), making it easy to change settings on the fly
  • Visual image of destination city in top of screen (which contracts/expands during scrolling).

Aeromexico: the most innovative Mexican airline

By winning the Cannes Golden Lion for its ‘People are places’ campaign, and by giving the trust to (formerly) non-Mexican agencies such as Media Monks (and to our studio, by means of our mutual collaboration), and Google, Aeroméxico claims the position as number one innovative airline in LATAM (and beyond). Their recent efforts and belief in innovation have paid off, and truly shows they want to compete with the best global airlines.

Frankly, they’re doing an awesome job!